Monday, March 2, 2009

Cell Therapy Different from


God made human simple ! Laying the foundations for youth is simpler than you think!
The best thing is to go back to basics and look and learn how our human body functions and maintains itself, organically as one whole organism.

Once we understand this, we can then better utilise our human body's own mechanism to rejuvenate itself.
Unfortunately, today, health care services and companies(hospitals and clinics) complicate things depending on the product lines they are promoting and representing.

Everyone MUST be responsible for own health and disease in the body, not those agencies.

In simplicity, to preserve our youthfulness, our body's anti-aging systems needs to function optimally at three(3) interdependent levels -
1. protection,,

Live cell therapy is based cannibalism . Cell therapy has been used by almost every culture and civilization since the dawn of mankind. Ingesting tissue, either human or animal, to acquire physical benefits has been recorded throughout history. Papyrus scrolls unearthed in Thailand, dating from about 100 years before Christ suggested the use of placenta for rejuvenation.


phyl said...

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Its ME said...

Thank you "phyl" for your comment here. Hope you catch the water-cure protocol formula , too, as you continue to read earlier posts found here.

Ther is a vast different between stimulation od cells, and recreating new cells. And StemTech Ste cell Enhancers is no different from other hyper marketing products available thus far in the market. There is bound to be shortfall, yes, live cell products included regardless of whatever science paradigm is used because the original physiology of human cells to grow and die is all in the DNA. Whether we use sheep placenta, deer plancenta, or human plancenta, we just can't better the nature. Wisdom questions the source?
1.Have the human placenta been tested for Hepatitis, HIV and other viruses?
2.Are these human placenta gotten by illegal means from third world countries?
3.Would you yourself sell your own palcenta once you had given birth to a manufacturer to make placenta products?

I believe these are serious important questions to ask, and that is it best to avoid human placenta until satisfactory answers can be given regarding the source of human placenta.

Hope more readers can share their experience too(if any) and comment about this stem cell therapy products in the market today.

More reading can sourced from you can see that New Zealand is free from Foot & Mouth Disease, Scrapie and BSE( Mad Cow's Disease).
Countries like Switzerland and China are not free of these dieases. These two countries are not isolated country and infected cattle, birds and sheep can cross borders unlike New Zealand where the country is isolated.