Friday, March 13, 2009

Human body asking for

RAW or LIVING foods to sustain itself, but alas, our civilization has deviate far from the first principle.

Raw or living foods are those that have not been exposed to temperature above 105 degree Fahrenheit, thus maintaining their natural enzymatic and nutritional properties. These two factors in natural foods are very sensitive to heat. And it is by chemistry reaction that the human body process the digestion and assimilation and excretion.

Raw fresh foods always come with raw water.

Organic food is, in general, food that is grown in the wilderness without the use or application of artificial pesticides (derivatives from petroleum-base), herbicides, and genetically modified organism (GMOs).

The longevity of any species depends on the natural parameters. There are many dealers who misled many sincere consumers with food label marked "Certified Organic", so be wise up if you are shopping for real organic foods.

Why do you eat raw foods?
Because I choose to eat only uncooked vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Because that's one sure way to grow healthy and wealthy together.
Because the flavour of raw foods is so fresh and alive because they are as nature intended, full of living water and life force,or potency. If you have ever enjoyed eating a soft, sun-ripen peach at the peak of its growing season, you know this.

After a short time of eating raw foods, you will feel as if your palate, taste bud, has been renewed, cleansed from the inside out, and you will be able to taste things as you have never tasted the before. I had always loved to eat watermelon, but experiencing the depth of the flovaour was now almost a moving experience; it was unbelievable that something could taste so good. Natural sweet foods will tase even sweeter, and foods that had once been bitter, like dark salad greens, will begin to taste wholesome and nourishing. Not because the flavour in the foods had changed, but it is your tongue senses has been healthier and sinsitve to the minor flavour in these foods. An actual physical transformation will occur, and it will allow you to enjoy what you eat even more. What a nice benefit.

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