Saturday, March 14, 2009

No. 1 Cancer Killer in Singapore !

SINGAPORE: Colon cancer, the No. 1 cancer killer in Singapore, used to affect those over 50 years old, but doctors are reporting an increasing trend of younger people diagnosed with the disease.

26—year—old Alan Jeff Lim started to experience problematic bowel movements last April. It wasn’t till three months later that doctors figured out what was wrong.

"They initially ruled out cancer because of my age. I just went for a lot of tests like urine, stool and blood tests," said Lim.

An endoscopy finally revealed that he had Stage 4 colorectal cancer and needed to have his entire colon removed.

Lim, who is recovering well, is not alone. Doctors estimate that one in every 20 patients who suffer from colon cancer is below the age of 40.

Dr Ang Peng Tiam, medical director, Parkway Cancer Centre, said: "We understand that colon cancer is related to diet. In the more affluent countries where there is a higher fat and meat content, and low fibre content, these groups of people are more prone to developing colorectal cancer.

"It is difficult to understand why the young are also getting it. We seem to see a higher number of younger individuals with colorectal cancer."

Doctors said the lack of exercise and stress, which lowers the immune system, could be contributing factors. Warning signs include blood in stools or a change in bowel habits.

Every year, about 1,400 Singaporeans are diagnosed with colon cancer, making it the most common cancer here. To encourage more to come forward for early detection, the Singapore Cancer Society is offering free screening tests to 30,000 people.

Similarly, the Parkway Cancer Centre plans to give out free test kits and screen about 1,000 people at Raffles Place next week. Based on the response, it will then determine the number of kits to give out at Singapore Post Centre and VivoCity.

Doctors generally recommend that those above 50 years old should go for regular screening as they are in the high—risk group.

Let the people know about water-cure protocol first.

Mountains of database of scientific research on diet and cancer and peer-reviewed studies performed over long period, had clearly points to the connection between the way we eat and our tendency to cancer. You have academic interest in this subject, then you can learn from the database available: love to learn the truth .

The wise tongue is the tree of life.

To diminish the risk of cancer and all other diseases of present civilization, and the abuse that our over-indulgent cuisine-diet causes to our environment, we must all now rethink the way we eat as a matter of urgency.

How to Change the Way You Eat
Some people, given the information about the need to change their way of eating, go away and achieve this in one fell swoop. I have known people who have learned about the role of diet in preventing cancer and have gone round their kitchen with a black bin bag, emptied into it half the contents of their refrigerators, freezers and kitchen cabinets, cupboards and started their new way of eating the very same day !

But, this is a small minority only, because for most of us changing the way we eat (for the better health) is very difficult due to lack of information about what to buy and how to go about preparing it. Just go raw with the food seems strange for many of us who had been indoctrinated and addicted to cooked food since birth.

There are also time and money considerations, and emotional investment in our food and the way we eat (not to mention sabotage, insult, however well meant, from our families and friends).

The most important thing is that the change is lasting and that you will not set yourself up for failure and stress.distress, which would, of course, be entirely counterproductive to your overall state of well being.

It is therefore helpful if you are as well prepared as you can be before making the change, by anticipating your need for support, sufficient real information, clarity and constant resolution and motivation about the the exact approach you are going to follow, and SPECIFIC advice about your own personal needs if you have medical problems affecting your eating, digestion, weight or excretion.

Raw fresh fruits and vegetation not only provide fibres which many doctors talk about, but the oxalic acid found in them which the body used to stimulate the intestine peristalsis to transfer the digested food along the colon right unto the 'exit'-anus.

Recommended Foods

1.Whole foods means non-industry processed foods: All food should be eaten whole, with nothing added(enriched) or taken away - e.g. wholemeal bread, brown rice (white polish rice is bad for health in the long term basis), brown flour ( white-bleached flour also is a main culprit in health maintenance).

2. Fresh fruit and vegetables (not tinned or frozen) should be eaten with every meal, especially green, leafy vegetables - e.g. cabbage, broccoli, sprouts. Aim to have a minimum of five servings of fruit and vegetables each day. No maximum.

3. Raw food - vegetables, fruit and raw cereals, raw nuts and raw seeds. Not roasted. Try to eat some daily as salads, fruit salads, or freshly prepared fruit juices - e.g. a mixture of carrot, apple and beetroot.

4. Organically grown food, as available and affordable.

5. Rich nutrients fibre - e.g. beans, pulses, lentils, vegetables and cereals.

6.Cold-pressed oils (extra virgin olive oil) for dressings .

7. Variety : Avoid depending on nay one food excessively.

Avoid as Much as Possible (especially if the products is intensively farmed, factory-farmed)
1. Red meat - beef, pork, lamb, veal bacon, kidneys, liver, salamis and meat pates.

2. Dairy produce - cheese, butter, cream, yoghurt and milk (use soya products instead, Non-Genetic Modified soya beans)

3. White sugar cubes, white sugar.

4. Factory produced salt. (use sea salt unrefined)

5. Caffeine - tea, coffee, chocolate, cola, alcohol, nicotine and non-prescribed drugs e.g. pain-killer, aspirin, paracetamol.

6. Food which has been stored fro long periods, irradiated , dried,processed, microwaved, or repeatedly reheated.

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