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or "acupuncture"

The health-care industry has been criticized profusely in the West; there are many demands for changes in medical care and health policy. Among those voices demanding change are social reformers, politicians, and others who, via the press (example like The Straits Times, in Singapore)insist on prompt medical treatment at minimum fees.

For the Westerner and Western-orientated mind whose thinking is oriented toward the materialistic and useful, this "nothing" is a difficult concept to comprehend.

Thirty spokes of a wheel meet at the hub:
Nothing in the middle
Determines the wagon's use.
One can make a pot out of clay:
Nothing inside it
Determines the pot's usefulness
One breaks through walls
To make doors and windows:
Nothing in between
Determines the house's habitability.
Thus, materials build the outside form,
But it is the nothing which determines its effectiveness.

This thought is concerning your temple-body which your spirit dwell.

Consequently, Western medicine has often attempted to play down the effects of Far Eastern Medicine and Needle Treatment and banish it to the realm of "nothing" to which, paradoxically speaking, it probably belongs.

Even today, the success of Chen-Chiu or that of "acupuncture" is regarded in official circles as either "imaginary" or "not provable" because it belongs to a dimension to which modern medicine has so far been blind. nevertheless, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this dimension, as you,respected reader will discover.

In the future, the West may be obliged to acknowledge that mere material achievement does not constitute genuine progress. Perhaps, then, Western medicine and its trainees will begin to reexamine its standpoints. If, scientifically speaking, it is then to be taken seriously, it will have to summon enough courage to review its previous notions and results, assess them as an intermediate stage in the course of development, and reevaluate its position. In order to judge the true healing worth of Chen-Chiu, which has survived for thousands of years in Asia, it is not enough to apply the yardstick of recognized modern medical theory because that may soon be outdated.

Point to be noted: That the human being, viewed purely in terms of natural science, is such a complicated system that exact recognition of the body's interrelated functions after the patterns of atomic physics or molecular genetics is something which is quite inconceivable in today's world of natural science.

If this is true, then it follows that all attempts to turn medicine into a science have been failures when considered in the light of contemporary physics.

False Dogma: The notion that the world is fully predictable and thus the exclusive object of natural scientific research.

Chen-Chiu is based on a holistic method of healing.

The good doctor will always attend to his/her patient (the pronoun "his/her" denote ownership) before the disease has broken out. The good doctor will treat the patient with Chen-Chiu needles before the patient's ch'i (vital energy) has been too weakened by disease and the power of disruptive ch'i has become too great.
Only the bad doctor uses his/her treatment when the disruptive energy has reached its zenith, that is, when the illness has just reached its critical stage.

Each man/woman MUST first be responsible for his/her own health.

Just as the case today, a considerable number of Citizens/Netizens lived wrongly and were not sensible as far as health was concerned. Healthy Wealth is an ongoing mission in one's own life.

Rich people in high positions in general eat well and abundantly, are supercilious and proud, will not be told anything and do what they like. If one gives them rules of conduct, they will not obey them. If a good doctor gives them advice contrary to their desires, they will not follow it. Drink water in according to your personal body weight as a reference. But I prefer coffee, beer, beverages, coke, sodas, etc.
But if these people are allowed to do what they want their complaints grow worse. How can the good doctor solve such a problem and what methods should this good doctor use to assist such people?

The medical answer is as follow:

Every man fears death ; every being clings to life. The good doctor must make it clear to these people that their disease will get worse if they continue their wrong way of living. The good doctor will have to speak quite plainly with them and give them advice for leading a sensible life. The good doctor should also help people to solve their problems. There is no one who would ignore such advice and if it comes from a good physician it will be taken seriously.

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