Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Energy In Motion

1. Laugh whenever you can. Seek out joyful friends, watch humorous movies, bring laughter into your life as often as possible.

2. Try out any relaxation therapy. Even if you do not feel stressed or distressed, relaxation techniques can help you develop a sense of calm and contentment.

There is nothing magical about relaxation. We all intuitively know what to do, (just watch how babies relax, they just keep still and silence and look upward) it is just that we adults tend to be so stressed/distressed and busy/over busy that we forget how to do it naturally and maturely. Be childlike and enjoy the present moment.

These days, most of us need to schedule time for relaxation, and we need reminders about how to let go of stress or control and just let things be.
a.Progressive muscle relaxation.
c.Guided imagery.
d.Deep and slow breathing. Watch how a baby breath from the lower abdomen.

3. Get out into nature. Being in natural settings - in the woods, by the water stream, water fall, lake, pond, brook, in a park, or even just sitting under a tree in any place - has been shown to be relaxing and calming and can create a sense of joy in and for many people.

4. Put a smile on your face, whether you feel happy or not. Smile now, see. Studies have shown that by adopting a particular expression, the "muscle memory" can trigger the associated emotion. So if you smile, your muscle communicate with your mind and send a signal that if you are smiling, you must be happy. The mind is just waiting for instruction from your emotion and your emotion is just waiting from your spirit - smile. According to studies, this works about two-thirds of the time.
Scientists ask "why?", engineer ask "why not?". Both can smile, anyway.

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Merisi said...

Thank you for this post! *smile*

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment. I answered your question in the comment section. ;-)