Monday, March 16, 2009

Being is

always a step ahead of that which is recognized.

In our reflections on life and living things , from illness to healing to health, we immediately see that that which is known and recognized is only a part : we as the recognizers must always be ahead of what is recognized. However advanced we might be with our insights, that which is Being is always a step ahead of that which is recognized.

This blogger feels that an attempt to correctly evaluate the various aspects of healing and medicine is much more significant than creating a sensation. Today the trend is terms like "bio-technology","advanced stem cells therapy", etc.

The present state of medical science had been reassessed, and on this basis the present healthy Wealth blog can initiate public discussion. This blogger has sought not only to inform the reader, the medical lay person, and the medical specialist on the background and peculiarities of any natural modalities. This blogger also hopes that those readers will critically examine current medical theories and methods.

In this regard, it humbly appeals to the mature, the open-minded, and, t a certain degree, the educated contemporary individual. let's hope we lean to assist the reader in liberating himself/herself from "hypnosis by certain social institutions," their concepts and their thought-out forms. It may well be, therefore,that those consumers who are looking for sensational cures are disappointed.

The intention here has been much more to dispense with what has been called "scientific superstition" entertained by the half-educated by the half-educated, as well as to dismiss the infantile hope for miracles harboured in certain circles.

Instead, the reader has taken part in theoretical considerations involving concepts of the healing model and the methods of modern medical science. In dong so, it is hoped that the reader has learned to appreciate the frontiers of these procedures as well as their particularities, prerequisites essential to the understanding of medicine's results.

See the danger of illusion even more acutely: While the human beings dream, they do not know that they dream ... only when they awake do they know it was a dream. By and by comes the Great Awakening, and then we find out that this life is really a great dream. Fools think they are awake.

The fact that words and language, even when used carefully, can provide stumbling blocks to thinking has been mentioned several times elsewhere in this blog.

There is still a deep rift which divides us from a more profound and genuine understanding of the word 'life,' and a similar rift which divides the molecules from highest structures.

Science destroys deception by research. Remarkably enough, the fact of life as a special condition is still not scientifically explicable.

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