Monday, March 9, 2009

Normal cell growth and death ..

..versus cancerous growth.

We can live a peaceful life when we look within our bodies and compare the intricate and wonderful workings of body-economies .

Only the mutations that encourage unrestricted growth and repress the genes for programmed cell death eventually lead to cancer.

The word tumor can be frightening to hear, but in medical terminology it simply refers to a swelling or lump of tissue.

Through popular usage, this term had been irrevocably linked in the public's mind to the malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous) growth of tissue.

We are interested here in a specific type of tumor that derives from pluripotent germ cells; it's known as a teratoma, which comes from Greek for "monster tumor."

Teratomas arise only in certain types of cellular tissue: the male testes or the female ovaries. Teratomas make up an incredibly small fraction of all tumors.

The majority are benign, and found in the female ovaries - perhaps remnants of eggs that failed to develop beyond a certain stage and so never were properly expelled into the fallopian tubes and onward.

A few are found in the male testes, where they can develop into fatal testicular cancer.

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