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Cycle of renewal of water

Blessed be the water-element

Blessed be the water-element, which is renewed in a continuous way through the Water Cycle and in a special manner in the preserved areas and parks of the great Sanctuaries of Nature, far from human presence and interference, derived from the most aggressive and destructive agent in the Creation.

Hydrological Cycle or Water Cycle

This universal cycle of purification can be summarized in three very sharp stages: Evaporation-transpiration (direct evaporation of the water from soil, in the rivers, lakes and oceans, and transpiration through plants, trees and forests); Condensation and formation of clouds; Precipitation, in the form of rain or snow.

In truth, this process, which become better known as Hydrological Cycle or Water Cycle, was the reference that the great alchemists of the past used to create their first models of distiller, a central device for their researches, manipulations and studies. The distillers, in modern and perfected versions, are still now important in laboratories, institutes of research and in industry, with distant purposes from their original use.

Water circles in the atmosphere and lithosphere[i] inside a well defined hydrological cycle. The solar rays that fall upon the oceans provide energy for the water to evaporate and pass to the atmosphere; as it reaches their colder layers, the vapor condenses, forming clouds that can be carried by winds and, under certain conditions, precipitate in the form of rain or snow, on glaciers, oceans and continents; as it falls on soil, the water flows on the surface, supplying rivers and lakes; or it filters, forming the subterranean waters, the so-called groundwater tables and underground aquifers[ii], which can emerge as fountains or artesian wells. The currents of liquid water generally flow to the oceans and another part undergoes evaporation-transpiration, returning to the atmosphere. More than three-fourths of the precipitation on the planet takes place on the ocean, even though the evaporated amount is even greater, which allows the distribution of part of the water on the continents.[iii]

[i] Lithosphere. Solid external layer of the surface of the Earth, which includes the crust and the higher part of the earthly mantle.

[ii] Groundwater table. Subterranean water table located in a not deep level, and exploited by wells. Underground aquifer. Subterranean water storage, contained in porous terrains of the earthly crust, between impermeable layers.

[iii] Source: Wikipedia; Entry: Water Cycle.

Processes of healing

One of their original purposes was that of purifying elements, extracts or substances (mineral, plant, animal substances) from their denser and more impure charges. This more inert and impure counterpart was retained, being separated from its pure essence, which was liberated and condensed again, now in a more dynamic energy condition, showing new attributes and virtues, used especially in processes of healing.


Another purpose was that of purifying a material element (mineral, plant, animal) that, by nature, is already dense and impure, to isolate from it its quintessence, its most pure, essential and sublime nucleus, also aiming the healing, purification or transformation of a being. For the alchemists, in a plant such nucleus lay in its aromatic oils, volatile, also called essential oils. The science of extraction of the aromatic essences of plants had its origin there, which constitute today the bases of therapeutic activity of Aromatherapy.

See, dear children, how important is water in this humanity,
As without it you could never physically live.

Water, lovingly created by God for this humanity and this planet,
Is not only a physical element; it is an alchemical element,
a spiritual science, which comes from the Source of Creation.

See also, dear children,
How the counterpart of water on a spiritual and whole level,
Lies in the planes of consciousness where God, the Creator, is present.[i]

[i] Message of Mary, of October 12, 2017. 

The essential wisdom of Nature created the Water Cycle for its waters, once dense and impure, to be able to renew and liberate again their purer, stellar essence, its original purity. Only in this way is possible the continuous renewal of the planetary atmosphere, polluted by the negative charges that the unconscious humanity does not stop creating.

Pure water

The effect of this pure, virginal water, in its return as rain, now impregnated with a crystalline life-essence, is a unique experience that floods also the hearts of all who commune with it. Who has not watched the magic of Life that irrupts in Nature as the first rains of Spring arrive, after a long and painful drought? That breaks out as an indomitable explosion of life, light, colors, aromas and sounds; as a subtle luminescence that emanates from the greenness of its tender leaves? As an expanding mantle of vigor and joy, in a pure hymn of Praise and Gratitude to the Creator!

Crystalline Mirror of Light

The Water-element representes for the Creation a crystalline Mirror of Light, of universal amplitude and reach, capable of detecting luminescente codes emanated by the whole stellar Universe. A Universe that is always vigilant for us, which in profound silence aspires and awaits our cosmic awakening and our return, as we are also ’Children of the Stars’. Through them we are healed, transformed and regenerated, and sublime codes can be implanted and sown in the consciousness, purifying and uplifting it.

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