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What is below is like what is above

Water 2 - Topic – The Sacred Kingdom of Water

What is below is like what is above

Open your heart and empty your mind,
in order to understand and live the mysteries of the Creation.

In this opening, you will be able to penetrate the essence of knowledge,
And all that is sacred in the Universe will not come to you just as information, but also as codes of light that awaken in your being to transfigure you. [i]

[i] mm 16.08.12 – the abbreviation mm means Message of Mary, therefore of August 12, 2016.

Human Science has been able so far just to taouch on more external manifestations of the water-element as a material creation. Exhaustively studies at earthly laboratories, meticulously dissected and invaded, this stubborn and hard research reflects in the elementary-molecular chemical formula – H2O – which represents only the limited form by which the human mind has been capable of grasp it.

Much more than H2O

But water is much more than H2O, for it constitutes the very foundations of the great Universal Creation. And to expand the narrow limits of our rational consciousness before the manifestations of Life and the mysteries of the Creation, only the Light that emanates from our Spirit can overcome these apparent barriers that separate us from reality, and unite the different dimensions and planes in which the totality of our consciousness manifests its existence. The radiation of this Light for the Planet and all the Kingdoms of Nature that co-exist with it is also one of the tasks that is up to the human being to conduct, at least in part, and is urgent to be made concrete.

What is below is like what is above

The water-element holds in its essence a kind of ‘cosmic memory’, which mirrors the luminescent patterns of its own creative archetype, as a faithful image of the bond of each creation with the universal creative Light. This non-material mold projects from plane to plane unto the atomic-molecular level, where it finally condenses, materializing itself in the image and likeness of the original model, as the Law of Analogy expresses: ‘What is below is like what is above’.

Just up to each one of us the choice

And these luminescent codes, present in the invisible counterpart of the water-element, let themselves be decoded into beautiful and harmonious hexagonal patterns, becoming now visible through the expressive microphotographs of crystals created from multiple samples of water, from diverse origins and submitted to different sources of external vibrations (mental, emotional, devotional, visual, sound, mechanical, electromagnetic, etc). A thought, a feeling, all that we assimilate through our senses, everything we generate through our inner and outer movements, all this reflects in the liquid currents of our organism and in all our being. What is positive will generate, on the one hand, beautiful and harmonious crystals; and what is negative, on the other hand, will destroy the material and subtle base of our body that should transform in an inner temple, in a universal and cosmic instrument at the service of the Creator. And it is just up to each one of us the choice!

The images thus obtained are now available in diferente sources of communications and have become possible thanks to the meticulous work of dedicated beings in the whole world, specially through the Japanese researcher, M. [i] Emoto and his group of collaborators.

[i] Emoto, Masaru. “The Hidden Messages of Water”, Simon and Shuster. Its images are available on several pages of the Internet.

Matrix element

As one of the four matrix elements[i] of the universal Creation, the water element still encompasses profound mysteries, as its origin is not earthly. Water already pre-existed the manifestation of human beings on Earth, decidedly participating in their creation, and still constitutes the central element in all stages of their formation: a human embryo is 98% water; a baby, 90%, and an adult, depending on their age, averages 70%. The Greater Devic Concsiousness that rules and commands the devic and angelic hosts that build a human being uses the water element to decode and transcribe the luminescent codes of its creative archetype and manifest it in the human form.

[i] Matrix element. Each one of the four Elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) that, in the old sciences, compose the physical universe.

God created water in the first place. Have you ever asked yourselves:
Why did the Holy Lord, the Almighty, create water before man?

I come to show you through this example, the spirit of donation, of humility,
of chastity and of surrender, by means of the Kingdoms and of the elements of this Nature,
which God expressed to all of His children.

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