Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Another popular misconception about fruit is that it is not worth eating if it was picked early and unripe, so it can withstand shipping and last on the grocery store shelf.

  Truth is, if a fruit were truly picked and harvested too early to have nutritional value, it would never ripen at all, and you would find it inedible.

Fruit trees and plants have a built-in database of information connected to the heavens. Once they log enough hours in the season and the growing conditions are right, the Higher Source delivers the signal, and the fruits enter their ripening phase. At this point, they can get picked at any time and still ripen and nourish your body. 

It is true that it does not work to pick some fruits, such as berries, before they have ripened on the plant. With other fruits, though, such as mangoes, tomatoes, and bananas, they just have to cross that specific growing threshold, to which farmers are often well attuned.


 Don't get confused or concerned about hybridization or crossbreeding ㅡ not to be mistaken for genetic modification (GM) and the creation of GMOs. A genetically modified organism (GMO) is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques (i.e., a genetically engineered organism). 

Grafting and hand-pollination are safe techniques that humans have used for thousands of years to create new varieties of fruit. It is a healthy adaptation and evolution of the cultivation process. While it is true that heirloom fruits can be more nutritious, do not shy away from their hybridizing cousins. These fruits are still preventative wonders that fight cancer and other diseases. 


  Fruit has properties that soothe your adrenal glands, strengthen your entire endocrine system, repair your vascular system, restore your liver, and revitalize your brain. There is no other food ㅡ and no pill ㅡ that enhances so many of your bodily functions as fruit. 

  Fruit keeps your body going in ways that science has not even begun to fully understand. It is an absolute necessity.

You cannot function as a human being without glucose, the simple sugar into which your body breaks down foods. Glucose fuels your brain, your nervous system, and the cells throughout your body,day and night. 

If you are an athlete ㅡ or a parent holding down multiple jobs between home and the office ㅡ then eating animal protein, nuts and vegetables alone won't allow you to perform. You also need foods with sugar in them, and the highest-quality source of sugar is fruit. If you try to cut  out all sugar from your diet, sooner or later your body will force you to "cheat" ㅡ because every muscle in your body functions on glucose ㅡ and eat something that provides the sugar you need. The chances are you will binge on something that is not a nutritional plus for you, such as pastries or pasta or chocolate bars.  Next time, try to eat fruit if you feel tire. 

 You will be much better off if you make a habit of eating fruit every day. It will help curb sugar craving ㅡ and make a huge difference in your health.  

Diabetics can eat fruit every 90 minutes to manage the blood glucose normal. For fructose in the fruits cannot mixed with the blood. 

Fruit is best eaten by itself or paired with raw vegetables, especially leafy greens. That is because your stomach digests fruit and raw veggies quickly and easily. In contrast, protein, fat, complex carbohydrate, and cooked vegetables take a relatively long time (at least another 2 hours) to digest, so if you add fruit to the mix it will be stuck in your stomach waiting its turn. While this does no serious harm, it can create gas and other discomfort that might discourage you from eating fruit and that would be terrible. 

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