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V. PaidaLajin Self-Healing Philosophy

V. PaidaLajin Self-Healing Philosophy

There was no medical profession for much of 
human history. Humanity has survived till today 
thanks to the ability to self-heal. People 
accustomed to sophisticated thinking find the self-
healing power so magical, or too good to be true. 
In fact, everyone is born with a self-healing 
mechanism. It follows the natural law. 

If we believe that the Creator makes man, then 
the self-healing mechanism is a software program 
preset in us by the Creator. Self-healing is divine 
healing, i.e. it is the Creator (or God) doing the 
job. Therefore, everyone can become a self-
healer. Self-healing is to use a certain method to 
activate and empower the self-healing mechanism 
to do its job well. It is like pressing a key to start 
a car; the car’s hardware and software are 
already there.

Chinese people summarized the natural law and 
dubbed it as “Tao (the Way)”. They believe that 
Tao is the very source of everything in the 
universe, and that it is manifested in various 
ways. The self-healing power is one of its 
numerous manifestations. Tao has universal value 
because it is not limited to Chinese people, but 
transcends racial, cultural, religious and other 
barriers. Although ubiquitous, Tao needs to be 
manifested through certain methods. PaidaLajin 
is a self-healing method that manifests the Tao of 

According to Chinese wisdom, the human body is a product of God’s 造化. It has two connotations: 造 (to create) and 化 (to change; to transport, and to transform). In other words, man is a product of prenatal and postnatal influences. For us, the 
initial creation is a bygone past. However, we can play an active role in the transformation that is happening here and now.

PaidaLajin is neither Qi Gong nor an occult practice, but includes slapping and stretching exercises that everyone can practice. It may seem simple physical actions, but is an accurate interpretation of the digits 0 and 1, i.e. Yin and Yang.

1. PaidaLajin from the perspective of Chinese medicine

(1) A healthy person is well balanced. Getting sick 
indicates an imbalance between Yin-Yang, which 
is invariably caused by meridian blockages. 
Unblocking meridian blockages results in health.

(2) All Chinese therapies, including cupping, bone-
setting, skin scraping, acupuncture, acupressure, 
moxibustion, herbal medicine, etc. are aimed at 
removing meridian blockages. The same is true 
with PaidaLajin, only it works more efficiently.

(3) The overall trend of a person’s health from birth to death is rising Yin energy and declining Yang energy. PaidaLajin boosts Yang energy and curbs Yin energy. During this process, pains and diseases are naturally self-healed, and it has a proven anti-aging effect.

There are many natural, holistic therapies. Each 
is precious in its own way. Due to various reasons, 
it is a challenge to share most of these therapies 
on large scale. PaidaLajin has great overall 
healing effects, and it is complementary to other 

Differences between PaidaLajin and other TCM therapies

(1) PaidaLajin is a non-medical self-healing method that ordinary people can practice on their own and with others. 

Its core feature is voluntary practice; other traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapies are normally dependent upon certified professionals.

(2) According to Chinese medicine, the heart is the King of bodily organs and its power is the greatest. 

When a person voluntarily practices PaidaLajin, the power of the heart is fully mobilized. This initiates a fundamental change in the nature of healing. By contrast, when a person receives treatment, mainly medication and other means of external intervention, much of the innate Heart power is wasted. Excessive use of medication and medical instruments can result in many serious side effects.

(3) By practicing PaidaLajin, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment are completed simultaneously. 

It also automatically completes the “eight 
principal syndrome differentiation” according to 
traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). PaidaLajin 
does not target a specific illness or a certain part 
of the body, but activates and enhances the self-
healing power to work on its own.

2. PaidaLajin from the perspectives of science and Western medicine

From the perspectives of frontier sciences and Western medicine, there are infinite mysteries in PaidaLajin waiting to be unraveled.

To establish scientific evidence, the research 
method needs to be universally acknowledged, 
the subjects be observed and measured, and the 
research results be analyzed and repeated. 
PaidaLajin meets all these research requirements.

Now, let me use general theories, methods, 
standards, and vocabulary used in modern science 
and Western medicine to explain how PaidaLajin 
works. Please note that only a summary and the 
conclusion are listed here. You are welcome to do 
more research on these theories and PaidaLajin 
efficacies. For more details, please read the
handbook PaidaLajin Self-Healing.

(1) Physics: Vibrations produced by PaidaLajin

Everything in the universe vibrates, be it visible 
or invisible, audible or inaudible. Our hearts, 
thoughts, and feelings vibrate at a certain frequency.

PaidaLajin produces rhythmic vibrations, just like percussion and orchestral music. It changes the vibration patterns and frequencies of all organs and cells and produces resonance in the body. This helps to normalize discordant frequencies of 
protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, molecules 
cells and organs in the body. It is like tuning 
noisy instruments to create beautiful melodies. 
We can regain health by getting rid of the 
“noises” (i.e.,pathogenic elements) in the body.

First, PaidaLajin changes the frequency of the heart, King of bodily organs. By addressing the heart, the vibration patterns and frequencies of all other organs and cells are changed. A healthy body resembles a symphony, and an unhealthy body is a chaotic mess. The human heart is the conductor of this symphony orchestra.

Music and colour are tiny vibrating particles manifested in various forms. A person falls sick when the frequency of a part of the body (a musical instrument) becomes discordant with the overall frequency (the entire band). This is why in English disease is dis-ease.

Chinese medicine explains it as the generating-inhibiting interactions of the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) in the body. In other words, organs with different attributes vibrate at different frequencies and interact with each other to create what is called “interference waves” in physics. A constructive interference is a “generating interaction among organs”; a destructive interference is an “inhibiting interaction among organs”. Chinese medicine advocates the treatment philosophy of maintaining good balance—removing the excess and replenishing the deficiency.

Ancient Chinese used Qi to describe the energy and Qifen to describe vibration frequencies. All Chinese therapies, whether medication or external treatments like massage and acupuncture, aim to change the Qi.

The traditional Chinese character 藥 (medicine) is composed of 艹 (grass, herbs) and 樂 (music), i.e. music produced by medicinal herbs, or music from Heaven. One of the differences between Chinese herbal medicine and western medicine is that the former does not look at the chemical composition of a drug, but its Qi and which meridians it acts on. The frequency of Qi is more subtle and accurate than the chemical composition. Chinese herbal medicine underlines the inhibiting impact of its frequency on problem areas and related meridians. It clears discordant frequencies, and eventually makes the body’s overall frequency balanced and harmonious, thus healing diseases.

Following the recent discovery of gravitational waves, people are talking passionately about physics and cosmology. Gravitational waves signify two things: Gravitation, i.e. energy, which is in essence a vibration frequency; and waves, 
which are also vibration frequencies. In fact, 
PaidaLajin heals with the vibration frequencies of gravitation and other waves. PaidaLajin does two things: Boost energy and regulate frequencies. The problem areas are energy fields (Qi fields) where the energy is low and their frequencies chaotic. 
This is caused by meridian blockages. The 
meridian system is a network of channels that 
energy travels through and different frequencies 
are transmitted. As long as the meridian 
blockages are removed, the energy level will rise 
and discordant frequencies will be balanced with 
the overall frequency of the entire body.

Gravitational waves exist everywhere in the vast 
universe, including the human body. PaidaLajin 
heals with the help of gravitational, electro-
magnetic and other known and unknown waves.

(2) Biochemistry: Biochemical changes produced during PaidaLajin

PaidaLajin includes physical exercises that directly stimulate biochemical changes in the body, producing endocrine secretions conducive to health. Bones have long been considered to play an important role in supporting the body, making movements, producing blood cells, storing minerals, and regulating pH values in vivo. The latest research shows that the skeleton and skeletal muscles also have endocrine functions, producing in vivo various hormones that the body needs, including insulin, encephalin, adrenaline, etc.

Prof. Gerard Karsenty (Columbia University, U.S.) and his co-researchers found that osteoblasts exert an endocrine regulation of the physiological state of other tissues, and that osteocalcin could be one of the hormones directly involved in the process. Their findings were published in the August 2007 issue of Cell Journal (Title: Endocrine Regulation of Energy Metabolism by the Skeleton, Cell 130: 456-469).

The findings have an important clinical implication: They tell the world that an entirely new theory for clinical treatment of diabetes, supported by biological experimental results, is now established. They foretold that a new therapy for diabetes would be found in the near future.

Soon after, I began to promote self-healing with PaidaLajin. Now we have substantial clinical evidences of this new theory: we have thousands of testimonials of patients self-healing their diabetes with PaidaLajin; and we have statistics of diabetics self-healing with PaidaLajin from several hundred workshops worldwide, particularly the PaidaLajin Clinical Research Workshop co-organized with the Diabetes Research Centre in Chennai, India in March 2015.

(3) Electromagnetic changes produced during PaidaLajin

Doctors of Western medicine are educated about the “chemical body”, and chemical drugs are prescribed to rectify its malfunctioning. Based on Theory of Complex System, Prof. Zhang Changlin used non-destructive wave detection equipment and discovered that a living organism has an “electromagnetic body” apart from the “chemical body”. The dissipative structure of the “electromagnetic body” is unstable. It is constantly vibrating and has no clear boundary. Its anatomical features are invisible to the naked eye. The physiological feature is that the human body is holographic and indivisible. The vitality feature is that the “electromagnetic body” governs the “chemical body”, i.e. reorganization of the former leads to reorganization of the latter. And the pathological feature is that the “electromagnetic body” is directly influenced by changes in its boundary. (Please refer to The Invisible Rainbow: A Physicist’s Introduction to the Science behind Classical Chinese Medicine authored by Prof. Zhang Changlin). 

In the words of Chinese medicine, when Yang energy rises, Yin energy falls, and vice versa. The Yin and Yang energies constantly re-organize till they eventually reach Yin-Yang equilibrium.

In the scientific language, the order of the life structure is reorganized, i.e., it is the reorganization of and balance between matter and energy, law and freedom. 

PaidaLajin is the simplest method to change the boundary of a person’s “electromagnetic body”. A direct result of PaidaLajin is the reorganization of the “electromagnetic body”, and subsequent transformation of the “chemical body” and Yin-Yang equilibrium.

(4) Energy boosted during PaidaLajin

Illness and aging are caused by energy deficiency and blockade of energy channels, i.e. the meridians system. PaidaLajin directly boosts energy, both at the stimulated areas and all over the body. For instance, when a certain part of the body is slapped, it warms up quickly, and this warmth gradually spread all over the body; when you slap all over the body, the entire body warms up. The same is true with Lajin. The general rule is, the more painful PaidaLajin is, the faster the internal heat is produced. That is why we dub the pain of PaidaLajin “Pain Medicine”. Persistent pain during and after PaidaLajin is continuous intake of the “Pain Medicine”. We often see people stretching on Lajin benches sweating heavily, although they just lie there motionlessly, sometimes even in cold weather. The boosted energy quickly clears blockages in the meridians, and heads to wherever it is supposed to go. Diseases are thus healed during this natural process. 

Where does the boosted energy come from? From 
the wastes, toxins and other pathogenic 
substances (such as lumps, tumors, cold-
dampness, etc.) burnt during PaidaLajin. 
PaidaLajin helps to detoxify, reduce weight, heal 
pains and diseases, and enhance Qi and blood flow.

(5) Clinical explanations of PaidaLajin

a. PaidaLajin brings Sha, swelling and elongated tendons.

There is pain and swelling during and after PaidaLajin, which causes fear among many people. In fact, toxins and wastes are removed, and Sha is dissolved during the process. Persistent pain and swelling means continued detoxification.

PaidaLajin induces physical changes in the body, causing the body to repair and renew itself. First, the “electromagnetic body” experiences the changes, which is manifested as: swelling, appearance of Sha under the skin, the tendons and ligaments getting longer and softer, etc. This means that the boundary and dissipative structure of the “electromagnetic body” are changed, and the “chemical body” also receives the impact. The human body then works like a pharmaceutical factory, producing in vivo whatever medicine it needs. For instance, the limited pain of PaidaLajin stimulates the “chemical body” to secrete large amounts of adrenaline; Stress response warms up the body, i.e. Yang energy is rising.

b. PaidaLajin stimulates the body to produce stem cells.

PaidaLajin is not only good for stimulation to the 
skin, nerves and subcutaneous blood vessels; it 
also has a strong impact on the bones, skeletal 
muscles, tendons and ligaments. Normally, what 
we slap most are joints. It induces in vivo 
production of stem cells in the perichondrium of 
the joints. Stem cells have the potential of almost 
infinite proliferation and multi-directional 
differentiation. They engage in immune and 
hematopoietic activities, and they are self-
replicable. They play a vital role in repairing 
pathological damages to organs and tissues. Many 
medical theories and treatments underline the 
importance of stem cells. During the body’s 
re-organization process, new, normal cells and 
organs will replace the old, damaged ones. And 
the physiological functions of the human body are 
thus recovered. And it occurs in vivo, in situ. It 
can be called “autologous stem cell regeneration 
in situ”.

c. PaidaLajin increases body temperature.

PaidaLajin also directly increases the body temperature. Whether through observation of the nature, or according to Chinese and Western medicine, we know that diseases are mostly cold-induced. All sorts of viruses, tumors and blockages are caused by cold-related stagnation. And during the aging process, the body temperature drops continually. When a person dies, the body cools down completely.

PaidaLajin increases the body temperature both locally and holistically. This is the natural result when the self-healing mechanism is empowered to do a better job. In other words, it is the inner vitality that is rejuvenated and extended. As long as the body’s capacity to produce heat in vivo is recovered and enhanced, it will have better disease-resistant and anti-aging abilities.

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