Sunday, January 7, 2018

Life – Consciousness – Water

Topic: The Sacred Kingdom of Water

The water that is known to the earthly Science until today, and which is expressed in its chemical-molecular formula[i], H2O, is not the same water that manifests itself, for example, inside a living cell. Until today it has not been explained how the water rises along a tall tree, such as the sequoia, of more than 100 m height, against a resistance of tens of atmospheres! Seeds (whose amount of water can reach more than 95%), as they sprout, easily break a resistance of more than 400 atmospheres[ii] as they vigorously emerge through a layer of asphalt over them.

Great mysteries

Blood, with the whole of its immense creative potential, sustainer of life, is composed of more than 99% water! Great mysteries! And only the attributes and physical-chemical properties of water cannot explain all these vital manifestations, those already quoted and many others, in which water participates in such expressive manner.

[i] H2O. Molecular representation of water, composed by two atoms of Hidrogen (H) linked to an atom of Oxygen (O).
[ii] Atmosphere. Physical unit of pressure that equals the pressure exerted by the earthly atmosphere at sea level.


How full of the creative genius
is the air in which these are generated!

I should hardly admire more if real stars
fell and lodged on my coat

Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity;
so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.[i]

[i] Snowflakes – Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) – Source: Internet

Perfect synergy

Live, as we recognize it today on the Earth, and manifested in the plants, animals and in the human being, is too highly complex to be contained in a water composed solely by the physical-chemical properties that are described to it. In each living organism, whether human, animal or plant, there is a perfect synergy of all its liquid currents that sustain the orderly life of its organs, tissues and cells. And each current is composed by an aqueous environment, in which there lies, in suspension, a profusion of organic-mineral particles of different patterns, natures, densities, dimensions and molecular configurations, creating a colloidal state, with its own life and dynamics, with attributes that essentially differ from a simple aqueous solution of the same elements.


Immersed in this liquid environment, still somewhat veiled, particles, elements, molecules and substances begin to interact among one another, creating in this cellular sanctuary subtle and differentiated fields of pure energy, which tend to approach or distance them from one another. In order to adapt to this other dynamic, the water-element alters its structural energy configuration into another model, H3O2. Thus the aqueous environment magically transforms into a complex colloidal state, which is not restricted only to the interior of the cells, but which also sustains the energy cohesion of all the vital currents that circulate unceasingly throughout the organism.

Super-physical element

This radical change that is observed is fostered by the presence of a super-physical element, intrinsic to the universe of creative laws still unknown, which Nature has at its disposal for its processes, whose vehicle in the ultimate analysis is light in its multiple forms of manifestation. Science knows, for example, that a molecule of starch, base of the whole food chain that sustains life on Earth, is solar light metamorphosed and stored under the form of a chemical molecule created by the magical process of photosynthesis, still not recognized in its essential nature.

Mirror of Creation – New Humanity

This other structural-dynamic model of water represents the energy platform capable of anchoring these subtle creative energies and of sustaining this new colloidal state that water begins to foster. It corresponds to a significant expansion of its magnitude as sublime Mirror of Creation to be able to welcome new forms of manifestation of universal Life, in its totality of dimensions, levels, attributes and creative potential. These new scopes also include  the energies of the Soul, of the Spirit and of the new updating and expansions that the Human Race is receiving for the future manifestation of a New Humanity.

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